St. Patrick's Day Sale!


Happy St. Patrick's Day week! Okay, so maybe it's not exactly a gift-giving holiday (at least not in my family), but do you really need an excuse to download a free book? I don't. 🙂


I've teamed up with some fantastic authors to bring you 37 clean books for FREE! These books span multiple genres, which means there should be something for everyone.


Load up your Kindles! These prices won't last for long.

st patricks day sale

For the purposes of this sale, "clean" means no on-page sex, minimal violence, and minimal mild language. If these books were movies, they'd be rated PG.


Disclaimer: I have not personally read everything listed in this sale. The authors assure me their books meet the above criteria and I've taken them at their word. The individual authors are responsible for the content of their story. Most of these books are free on Amazon, but some of them may require an email address to download. Make sure you double check that the price is actually free before downloading.

Contemporary Romance

With the matchmaking company she works for in decline, Brooke is desperate to sign Luke, her billionaire best friend, as a client. But Luke is more interested in capturing Brooke’s heart.

After a faceoff with modern-day pirates, former model Jori faces months of reconstructive surgery. As Olivia learns about the man behind the scar, she becomes intrigued. But he's no girl's happily ever after. Yet.

He planned for everything except her. She's too busy to follow her dreams. But sometimes the dream you never expected is the one you can't live without.

Mal left New York for a job on the west coast, hoping to leave her anxiety behind. What she didn't expect to was find the man would could get her through the storm.

This Christian western romance boxed set contains the first three novels in the bestselling Three Rivers Ranch Romance series - Second Chance Ranch, Third Time's the Charm, and Fourth and Long.

Lily fills every space in her tiny apartment with endangered teens. Then she meets Jameson and glimpses something that might be real love. Will he be one more thing she has to give up to protect the girls?

Huge summer challenge - only one winner. Cole realizes he could lose his heart (again) and his home. Jenna isn't sure which worries her more - a summer of rivalry or romance?

Wanted: A man with the four C's (Chinese, Christian, Cash and Career). Ability to cure hives a plus.

Lauren Walker just lost everything she spent years working for. Moving back home to live with her parents is hard enough, but deciphering her feelings for a childhood friend is even harder.

A woman rancher hitches the community's dreams to her sleigh ride business and ropes in a heap of trouble for them and her heart.

An honest emotional journey toward unconditional love.

Events past and present collide as James and Sandhya experience emotions they haven't felt in a long time. Will the magic of Cape Harriet bring them together?

Young Adult Romance

Brooke’s convinced all boys are trouble. Luke’s a player who loves the thrill of the chase. Can a set of crazy rules keep these two safely in the friend zone?

Charlotte is sure her best friend's boyfriend is cheating, and she's determined to prove it. But Cheater-boy's best friend is just as determined to stop her. And he's hot, charming, and kisses really well.

Murder was Just the Beginning

When Mormon girl Destiny is cast with her crush Isaac in her Baptist school's production of Les Miserables, she is terrified to sing her true feelings of rejection until she learns he returns her feelings.

Romantic Suspense

Jennifer Thompson won Europe vacation. But, someone betrayed her. David McNally's a terrorist who falls in love with her. Her truth is a lie. But, his lie holds the truth.

Danny and Talia must overcome their pasts if they want to be together. And a pesky spy ring. Details.

Evelyn Jefferson has literally become invisible - it is like she doesn't even exist. Nobody can see her, nobody can hear her. Only securing the love of her soulmate, a man who sees her only in his dreams, will change her fate.

Paranormal Romance

Emma wants to keep her evolution to mermaid a secret, but nothing can prevent her return to the sea - and it's only a matter of time before she's forced to surrender forever.

Demons and a world ending apocalypse? No problem. One touch of Payton's blood, and she has evil completely under her control. But throw in gorgeous Pureblood Angel, Micheal Stone, and Payton has more than she can handle.

If Crystal can't control her magic, she'll lose more than her family, her boyfriend, and her faith--she just might start the apocalypse.

The leanan sidhe has lived for centuries, inspiring artists as she takes their soul in return - until the day she meets the man who could be her undoing.


He's a Royal. Cinderella is an Underling. When the two of them meet, sparks fly. But their love is forbidden and following her heart could get her banished from the Kingdom.

Megan's life is perfect until a leprechaun appears at her doorstep and steals her luck. Now with the help of friends, she must get it back before he ruins her life - and her family's - forever.

A young woman holds the fate of the fae world in her hands. Will they stand beside her or against her?

Teenage werewolves in today's world fight together to survive. Action, adventure, and the trials of high school combine with the dangers of growing up in a world where werewolves are seen as the enemy.

Felicity loves to read tales of adventure and danger in her tiny, sparrow-sized books, but never dreams that she'll have an adventure of her own. At least not until the day an unexpected stranger comes to her tree with an unusual request...

Science Fiction

There are only two ways to kill Unbounded, and fire isn't one of them. By fluke of a recessive gene, Erin Radkey has become Unbounded, a nearly immortal being with paranormal abilities.

Clockwise is the first book of the Clockwise Collection, a light science fiction (historical) time travel series with a nice splash of young adult romance!

Even in a world changed by climate extremes, natural disasters and impending wars, there's room to fall in love.


Orphaned. Hunted. Framed for murder. And on the run. Who is Ruby Masters?

Alice in Sinland is a full-length contemporary supernatural suspense novel of 107,000 words. Readers who enjoyed The Good Wife and Glee/Smash, will likely enjoy this modern retelling of diabolical seduction.


Mystical . . . Beautiful . . . Romantic . . .

A girl from New York, fallen upon hard times. A ranch foreman in Old Arizona. A menacing cowboy. Faith and Slim must rally their courage and act to overcome evil in this Western novella.

Raul Calderon rises from homeless to army captain in 1760s Spain. When riots engulf Madrid, he must choose between king and country and the woman he would do anything to have as his own.

Women's Fiction

When Jessica Mobley's husband abandons her and flies off to Mexico to meet another woman, she unravels his porn addiction and her financial ruin. Intercession is a love story, loaded with friendship, drama, and inspiration.