Holiday eBook Sale!

67 books. $0.99 each.

DECEMBER 4, 2017 - DECEMBER 10, 2017

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Pull out the hot cocoa and light the fire. It's time to snuggle up with your Kindle and enjoy some holiday reading. 🙂


I've teamed up with some amazing authors to bring you 67 holidays reads!

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Each book in the sale is clean (no on-page sex, minimal violence, minimal mild cursing) and features a holiday/winter theme.


You can't beat this price, so load up your Kindles! You deserve a way to relax during this sometimes stressful season. Happy reading!


DISCLAIMER: I have not personally read everything listed in this sale. The individual authors are responsible for the content of their story, the genre under which it's listed, the holiday theme, and the price on Amazon. Make sure you double check that the price is actually $0.99 before downloading.

Contemporary Romance

When animal rights activist Michelle kisses a mystery man underneath the mistletoe, she's horrified to realize he's an executive at the animal-hating pharmaceutical company she's trying to destroy. Can one impulsive kiss be the foundation for a happily ever after?

One city of two million people and only three months to find her. What are his chances?

When David's wife passes away, he moves to a small town to make a fresh start. When he meets Lily, the town diner’s owner, he must decide if he’ll allow her into his heart.

Kayla always loved Thanksgiving until the day her husband decided to leave her. Three years later, she meets her brother’s friend Andrew, and he gives her back something she hasn’t allowed in her life—hope.

Ava has lost the joy of Christmas, but Hunter's mistletoe kisses ignite a spark she can't deny. Can she learn to believe? Not just in Christmas, but in him?

For Coco Beaumont, capturing love is easy. It’s her job as the wedding videographer. In her personal life, Coco’s ability to find love is blurred in a love triangle.

Alyssa Wu and her best friend, Barry Chang, must convince her family they're in love, an act which may (or may not) be easy to pull off, thanks to the magic of some mistletoe.

Anika hates Christmas with its promises of good tidings and hope for the future, but Carlos Rodriguez might be the man to make her believe in the magic of Christmas again.

Hannah and Logan have come back together after a seven year absence. Both are trying to figure out their place. When feelings are rekindled and truths are revealed, they must decide if love is worth forgiving.

Meeting again at Christmas after fifteen years, will there still be that special Christmas magic between Kat and Jason to make their long ago wishes come true?

An unexpected spark beneath the mistletoe…

Natalie needs to spend the holidays focusing on an important work project, but when her best friend drags her home for Christmas Natalie is drawn in by their strange traditions and her friend’s brother, Jimmy.

When faced with the choice of rebuilding her life in Boston, or giving love a second chance in the small town of Christmas Falls, Tennessee, will Caitlin be able to decide on the true meaning of home?

Brynn's life has gone utterly wrong. A cheating boyfriend gone, a wedding cancelled, and now no job either. And then she runs into her old nemesis, Jake…

With a little help from Santa, every Christmas miracle can come true - even an unexpected romance with a hunky paramedic.

Bryant is Charlotte's arch enemy and she's determined to prove he's cheating on her friend. But Colton, his hot best friend, is just as determined to stop her.

'Tis the season for a little mystery under the mistletoe.

Life changing events during Christmas prove you never know what the next day may bring, including a chance of love.

When a snowstorm strands Serena and Graham at the airport, will they rekindle their lost love or discover that there's no such thing as a second chance?

When Coco met Luca, her relaxing holiday plans heat up. But when an old pursuer follows her to Switzerland, the trip could end up scalding her.

Would Cali find her 'Happily Ever After?' Or, would fate threaten the very soul of all those she loved?

Curl up by the fire with a glass of mulled wine or hot chocolate and celebrate the magic of Christmas with these nine heart-warming stories about love, hope and family.

HGTV meets Hallmark Movie

Harper is a no-nonsense divorce lawyer whose holiday vacation is accidentally double-booked with optimistic divorce lawyer, Gabriel, the man who just sabotaged her client’s fresh-start by encouraging the woman to reconcile with her husband.

He proposed out of need. She accepted out of compassion. Her search for a miracle to save him will take them both out on a limb.

Desperate to be home for Thanksgiving, Miriam Warner embarks on an adventure-filled road trip with the quirky tenants in her apartment building and the landlord she can't get out of her mind.

Can the happy-go-lucky shenanigans of the retirement community remind Margie and Sam that falling in love has no age limit?

Secrets come to light and faith will be tested. But with the help of good friends and a little holiday magic, Taylor and Sam will once again find the spirit of Christmas in Mustang Valley.

Maren's stuck at the intersection of heartache and love, but happily ever after might be just around the corner.

Will family involvements and ghosts from the past keep them apart, or are they strong enough to risk rising from the ashes of their lives like the mythical phoenix?

Mitch is tired of the big city and wants to settle into small town life, but Sophie can't wait to get away. Can they each get what they want?

Helen is stuck in a rut, but when she rents a room to a handsome, younger tenant, life suddenly becomes more colorful.

Christian Romance

Inspirational Christmas story from frontier Texas.

Six new Christmas romances from bestselling Christian authors.

He has only three months to win her heart... just until Christmas.

Their big dreams nearly tore them apart.

8 short stories to bring you joy this Christmas season!

Brianna didn't expect to find love in the Highlands… A heart-warming Christmas romance that can be read all year round

Can hearts be restored and hope renewed? Brought together in the small community of Brookvale, Clint and Olivia must leave their own pasts behind to find a future filled with hope.

Keziah left the Lord in her past. Secrets from Ric's past threaten his future. Can the hearts of this unlikely couple land in a love only God can give?

Sometimes those who love us best are not family.

Can true love survive past hurts and five years apart?

Who wants a broken man? No one. When he meets his friend's sister, he wishes he we're whole for her. What does the future hold for them?

Debbie wishes for just one Christmas and she determines that not even the handsome Christmas shop owner will stand in her way. Can her wish really come true?

She has two weeks to make a big decision but emotions are running high at home. Izzy decides to take a little holiday. Not only does she find joy, she finds love in the valley of decision.

Women's Fiction

Even a hero needs rescuing sometimes.

Whitney scrambles to give her husband a perfect Christmas in their new house. Can she bring together a wonderful holiday, or will her efforts pull apart the happy home she wants so much?

When nativity pieces go missing at the Seattle Crèche Festival, Kelly, a reluctant volunteer, decides to stay to solve the mystery. How will she ever get Christmas ready for her large family?

Love, Peace & Joy is guaranteed to fill readers hearts with the magical, mystical spirit of Christmas. Three short stories filled with all the ingredients of a holiday season like none other: fun, family, food, love, music and the potent gift of giving.

Do you believe in Christmas? Edna Scrooge doesn't. It's all fairy tales to her. Can the three ghosts convince her why Christmas should be celebrated?

Historical Romance

Can a marriage formed for an orphan girl turn to one of love?

With her family under quarantine, Claire is spending Christmas alone except for Will, who tortured her as a child. As Claire’s homesickness deepens, she discovers that Will might have changed—and so has she.

When Meg and Burthred come together before the Yule fire, their shared revelations will either join their hearts together or tear them apart.

With Christmas on the horizon, a holiday bazaar to organize, and her aging father to care for, can Eleanor make room in her heart for lonely Mr. Cartwright as well?

She’s beautiful, intelligent and compassionate. But when she makes a decision that changes her life forever, it threatens to drive a wedge between them.

A new acquaintance seems to awaken Fiona's senses...until she discovers he's related to the girl who stole her former beau.

Lara wrote a love letter four years ago, but received no reply. How can she enjoy Christmas when she discovers the man to whom she gave her heart is coming to visit?

Angie have traveled with her father/tutor many towns affected by the depression. James, the reporter, has caught up with them and that isn't good. Lies and secrets are bound to be exposed by him, with a merry Ho, Ho or without one.

Carol doesn't believe love is precious and tries to draw Manning, but will a trick cost them both their hearts' desire?

Lady Amelia has a secret life, one that could drive away the young duke who shares her love of reading and compassion for the poor.

Robert has a plan for his orderly life, and that includes marriage to Jeanne. But first, he needs to convince her they'd be perfect together.

Peter travels abroad to protect his inheritance, but an injury lands him at a French inn, nursed by a lovely stranger from his past.

A new school teacher returned to town and is trying to start some new activities in the school, and Emily is facing some hard decisions. Will everything work out before the Ice Skating Party on Christmas Eve afternoon?

The town is planning a Christmas celebration but will the pong freeze over so the can ice skate on Christmas eve afternoon. Why is there a wedding at the post office? Who is getting married? And will Sam quit complaining?

Other Genres


After trying to eat Rudolph, a dragon ends up pulling Santa’s sleigh.


Only new toys are allowed in toy donation bins. How can The Underground Toy Society help forgotten toys find a home in time for Christmas?

Cozy Mystery

When traveling nurse Mercy Mares is tasked with organizing Lake Villa's annual Christmas extravaganza, everything that could go wrong does. Can she save Christmas before it's too late?

YA Steampunk

Orphan Nyssa Glass doesn't have many fond memories of Christmas. Her boyfriend, Ellis, however, is determined to make their first holiday together a celebration of a lifetime. Nyssa can't let him down.