Q. What order should I read the No Match for Love series in?

A. This is a tricky and complicated question. Because I never intended for this to be a series, I wrote it a little . . . out of order. Prequels were published later. Books were written out of chronological order.


The short answer is: you can read the books in whatever order you want. I wrote each titles so that it can be read as a stand alone.


That being said, here is the order I recommend reading the books in:

Strike a Match

Meet Your Match

Miss Match

Not Your Match

Mix 'N Match

Mistletoe Match

Match Me If You Can


Q. Will there be more books in the No Match for Love series?

A. Yes. I'm not sure how quickly I'll get to them, but I currently have stories planned for Elle, Jasmine, Hudson, and Charlotte.


Q. Will you come to my book club?

A. Yes! I love visiting book clubs, and always make my best effort to attend when asked, whether it's in person or via video chat. Email me to discuss details. 🙂


Q. Is Chasing Someday autobiographical?

A. Sort of. The book is fictional, but I have struggled with infertility my entire marriage, and nearly everything that happens in the book I have personal experience with.


Q. Will you critique/beta read my manuscript/query letter?

A. No. Sorry. 🙁 I wish I could, but my life is insanely busy, and unfortunately this is one of those things I've had to cut out to make time for my own writing, and (most importantly) for my family.


Q. Will you review my book?

A. No. Again, I wish I could. But in order for me to get creatively rejuvenated, I need to use my limited reading time as a form of escape. And no matter how amazing a book is, agreeing to review it automatically makes the book feel like homework.


Q. Can I get a review copy of your book?

A. Maybe. I do have a review team, but I'm very selective in who I choose to participate. 🙂 If I open it to new reviewers, I always make the announcement to my VIP Reader's Club (and no where else). You can join the club HERE.


Q. Can I interview you for my blog?

A. I try my best to fit all of these requests into my schedule. You can email me HERE to submit a request.


Q. Will you respond to my email?

A. I will do my absolute best! I get lots of emails from readers all over the world, and I personally read every single one! However, sometimes I simply don't have time to respond. I only have so many hours in the day, and writing more books and (most importantly) my family take up almost all of them. So please, email me! And if I don't respond, know that I read your email, it gave me warm fuzzies, and I really appreciate your support. I couldn't write without you!