Promotional Materials

So you've written a book, and now you want to let people know about it. Promotional materials are a great way to do that! I can create a variety of promotional materials, such as bookmarks, banners for social media or websites, business cards, and memes. Below is my pricing guide and some examples. Feel free to contact me with any questions and to discuss your project! The jpg files will be delivered to your email within two weeks.

Business Cards

one sided - $20

double sided - $30

business card Lindzee_front
business card teen writer
business card free book
national thriller front 5
national romance
business card LDS back


one sided - $20

double sided - $30

NMFL_bookmark front
NMFL_bookmark back
writers ink_bookmark front
FLSC_bookmark front
princess jaclyn
expo front 2

Web Banners

one banner - $30

two banners - $50

audio banner
David's banner 5
Lindzee header newsletter 2
NYM banner

Ad Images

one image - $30

two images - $50

WD_FB 05
CS_meme 04
FLSC free facebook ad
mistletoe meme_05
valentines sale 1
mix meme_04-01
strike meme_01
TT meme_04


one meme - $20

three memes - $50

MM meme_9
FLSC_meme 01-02
NYM meme_04
MM meme_1
FLSC_meme 02-02
mistletoe meme_03
MM meme_5
mix meme_01-02
NYM meme_05


one poster - $35

2015_comic con
indscribe mm
Shattered Hearts 2


one banner - $50

writers ink